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Our Story

Welcome to Bookish Tutors, the trusted name in personalized education in the Greater Toronto Area. Founded on the principles of dedication, personalized attention, and a passion for empowering students, Bookish Tutors has grown from a modest initiative into a cornerstone of academic support for students from JK to Grade 12.

About the Owner

Selu Sithole is the dedicated owner of this successful tutoring service business, renowned for a personalized approach to education. With a deep commitment to understanding and addressing each student’s unique needs and learning pace, Selu Sithole has built a reputation for selecting only the best tutors. These handpicked educators are not only experienced and successful but also skilled at making learning both fun and easy.

Selu’s passion for education is deeply rooted in her own academic journey. While earning a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Concordia University, Selu enjoyed learning from some of the best educators and developed a keen interest in making education accessible and enjoyable for all students. Continuing this pursuit, Selu is currently working towards a CPA, further demonstrating a commitment to personal growth and professional development.

This dual perspective—seeing education through the eyes of a student and understanding what they need from their educators—shapes Selu’s approach to running the tutoring program. By collaborating closely with tutors who offer insights from an educator’s viewpoint, Selu ensures that the tutoring service employs the best teaching strategies. This synergy results in a teaching environment where students thrive.

Under Selu’s leadership, the tutoring service has flourished, thanks to a team of tutors who share a passion for teaching and a proven track record of academic success. Each tutor is carefully chosen for their ability to connect with students, foster a positive learning environment, and deliver exceptional educational support. Selu’s hands-on approach ensures that every child receives the individual attention they deserve, setting the stage for academic excellence and a lifelong love of learning.

Selu Sithole - Bookish Tutors Owner

Our Team

Our team of highly skilled and passionate educators is at the heart of Bookish Tutors. Each tutor is carefully selected for their expertise, teaching ability, and dedication to making a difference in students’ lives. They are continuously trained and updated with the latest educational practices to ensure they deliver the best possible support to our students.

Our Mission

At Bookish Tutors, our mission is to unlock each student’s full potential through tailored tutoring that addresses their unique learning needs. We strive to not only meet educational standards but to exceed them, ensuring every student can achieve academic success and build a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored Tutoring for Each Student

Bookish Tutors provides customized 1-on-1 & group tutoring sessions designed to meet individual learning needs effectively. Our focused & adaptable approaches ensure that every student maximizes their academic potential & also achieves their personal educational goals successfully.

Education That Puts Students First

Central to our tutoring method is a commitment to student-focused approaches. At Bookish Tutors, we empower students to take control of their education through interactive learning strategies that enhance understanding, encourage questions, and instill a lifelong passion for learning.

Certified Tutors Delivering Excellence

Our team comprises only the most qualified & certified tutors who are not only passionate about teaching but also have a proven track record in their academic fields. We ensure that your child is mentored by educators who bring both knowledge & enthusiasm.

Detailed Progress Assessments

We prioritize consistent tracking of each student’s progress to measure the effectiveness of our tutoring. With regular assessments & detailed feedback sessions, we find areas needing improvement & adjust strategies accordingly, ensuring that all learning objectives are met.


At Bookish Tutors, we take pride in the success and satisfaction of our students and their families. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience with us, showcasing the transformative effect our tutoring has had on their academic journeys.